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Founded in 1995, after 20 years of development, now we have all types of domestic and imported CNC equipment a total of more than 40 Taiwan

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    CNC machining centers, guaranteed performance!

    With a number of independent core technologies, the technology research and development team with decades of experience guarantees multi-domain, high-level production technicians to achieve higher reliability in all aspects.
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    50% of the import price, easy to operate!

    All the core components imported from Taiwan, sophisticated production and processing equipment and advanced detection instruments Sound production processes and standards to ensure product quality, flexible manufacturing components, systems, four-, and five optional, many ways to meet customer needs
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    Solve all the worries of customers!

    Expert engineers provide you with professional training services, provide technical guidance for product processing for enterprise users, comprehensive after-sales service and technical support, and quality in place. 7*24 hour hotline provides instant support hotline: 0755-28452912

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We strive to reduce costs, shorten delivery, improve quality, and our customers' success is our pride.

About us

Established in 1995, Shenzhen JingXin Precision Technology Co. Ltd is located in Pinghu town, Longgang district, Shenzhen China, which has more than 20 years of history. And it is a large prototype model enterprise whose professional technology is leading in domestic, having more than 200 skilled professional technicians, offering a full range of one-stop service which includes the making of plastic metal sheet prototype model, the machining of parts of aluminum metal alloy precisions, the producing of small batch of duplicates, the manufacturing of fixtures and molds, the researching and designing of products, the measuring of products, painting, silk screen printing. The company has a group of the most advanced modern rapid prototyping equipments, forty-eight large high speed CNC requirements, three five-axis CNC, 2 sets of the 3D laser apparatus SLA rapid prototyping requirements, a SLS powder laser sintering rapid prototyping requirement, 1 FDM-3D printing rapid prototyping machine, a optical-photo laser scanner machine, a optical measuring instrument, a three dimensional measuring instruments, 3 sets of CNC automatic lathe. And what else, we also have sheet metal CNC bending machine, automatic vacuum molding machine, low-pressure perfusion molding equipment, laser engraving, high light cut bevel and CD pattern equipment, dust-free injector screen printing workshop, etc. Our company is involved with car spare parts, household appliances, medical equipments, healthy sports equipments, toys, communications equipments, IT consumer electronics, intelligent securities, instruments, toys & gifts, lighting equipments, household appliances, mechanical equipments, and so on. Our company is the best deal provider on industrial designs, researches, and productions for you, which has twenty years of professional experiences of fabrication processing of appearance and the special new materials on automobile parts, household electrical appliances and toys.

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We strive to reduce costs, shorten delivery, improve quality, and our customers' success is our pride.

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